Usage Optimization

We are a small, technical team working with Azure, cloud technologies, solution development and DevOps for the past 8 years. Most of us have worked in Microsoft and Google and have broad experience in cloud technologies.

We recognize a rapidly-growing amount of Azure usage requests, specifically as it applies to cost optimization. Although there are automatic optimization tools, scripts, bot advisors available; However the automated optimization suggestions still cannot rival the optimization skills that an experienced specialist can.

Therefore, we want to share our expertise more broadly and introducing a Azure Usage Recommendations and Audit for Azure customers. Using scripts, tools and our experience, we are producing a list of feasible recommendations on how to optimize Azure usage and costs. Our initial results based on a limited number of monthly audits is yielding an average cost savings averaging 45%.

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"We saved a half of our yearly budget on Azure and redirected it to marketing."

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“We were hesitant at first, but a few months after the guys intervened, our bill dropped by 60%!”

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“It’s hard to believe, but we had begun to pay 2.4 times less for Azure as a result of the audit.”

Here is the list of topics that we are regularly covering and a few examples per topic:

Virtual Machines analysis:
  • Forgotten VMs, Disks, storage accounts, NICs, NSGs and etc
  • VM sizes, regions recommendations (based on CPU, Memory, Network and Disks perf)
  • VM scenarios recommendations based on usage patterns. Auto-shutdown, Auto-Scale, Dev/Test scenarios, Batch and ad-hoc work.
  • Reserved instances and AHUB offer recommendations
Azure App Services analysis:
  • Recommendation on a type, sizes and pricing tiers based on usage
  • Auto Scale-Up and Scale-Down recommendations
  • Forgotten/unused app service plans
  • Unused staging/testing environments
Database analysis:
  • MS SQL types (elastic, dedicated, single) recommendations
  • MS SQL idle instances
  • Best fit MS SQL Licenses (standard, enterprise)
  • CosmosDB optimizations: # units, # of collections, # replicas
Traffic and CDN analysis:
  • Client Caching policies for content
  • Compression of content
Billing recommendations:
  • Determining best agreement type: Enterprise Agreement, CSP, PAYG
  • Potential usage of dev/test, MSDN, AHUB offers, usage policies.
  • Recommendations for currency and country of billing
Application and services recommendations:
  • Suggestions for switching services and products: to PaaS, to Serverless, to OSS and etc
  • Storage architecture optimizations: switching to N-Tier storage (cold, cool, archive)

Usually, it takes about 2 weeks to assess and provide an audit report, but timeframe can vary depending on subscription size. We see that customers with an average usage of cloud resources with >$5000 per month already have a room for optimization and can benefit from such audit.

Our audit is free of charge! We operate on a success-based compensation schedule and will invoice you only if we identify a way to save you money. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach me out via email:

2018 156th Ave NE,
Bellevue, WA, 98007,