Usage Audit

Reduce Cloud Cost by Up to 100%. Within two to four weeks we perform an audit and provide you with a list of changes and recommendations showing how much each change will save you per month. No Upfront Fees. We charge only once if we will identify a way to save you money. The payment is calculated as the difference between your old monthly bill and the one following the optimizations. From your CFO perspective, you just start paying less for the cloud two months after the audit.

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“We saved a half of our yearly budget on Azure and redirected it to marketing.”

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“We were hesitant at first, but a few months after the guys intervened, our bill dropped by 60%!”

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“It’s hard to believe, but we had begun to pay 2.4 times less for Azure as a result of the audit.”

Our Team

We are a team of former Microsoft and Google engineers working with Azure, AWS and Google Could since the inception of the cloud technology for the past 8 years, highly specialized in solution architecture, development and DevOps.

How We Do It

Virtual Machines analysis: Azure App Services analysis: Database analysis: Traffic and CDN analysis: Billing recommendations: Application and services recommendations:

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