Average Price Per Azure Region

Below you can find the chart with the average price in USD per hour among the most common VMs per region. Some VM types were excluded such as G-series, L-series and NV/NC due to their absence in some regions. For example, the difference between East US 2 and Japan East regions is about 58%. Choose region and VM size wisely. The chart below shows the average price across regions but in some places, VMs can be cheaper than in West US 2. You can find the cheapest region on the main page in the column - Best price region.

The latest update was at March 26, 2023 at 4:30 AM UTC

Here is the map with all Azure regions https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/regions/

Region name
Region ID
Average price per vm per hour
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Central Indiacentralindia1.1
North Central USnorthcentralus1.22
West US 3westus31.23
East US 2eastus21.27
West US 2westus21.28
East USeastus1.32
Sweden Centralswedencentral1.35
France Centralfrancecentral1.37
Germany West Centralgermanywestcentral1.4
US Gov TXusgovtexas1.4
US Gov AZusgovarizona1.41
US Gov Virginiausgovvirginia1.41
Canada Eastcanadaeast1.42
Central UScentralus1.43
West Central USwestcentralus1.45
Korea Southkoreasouth1.46
North Europenortheurope1.46
Canada Centralcanadacentral1.48
UK Southuksouth1.48
UK Westukwest1.48
South Central USsouthcentralus1.52
West USwestus1.54
UAE Northuaenorth1.56
Australia Southeastaustraliasoutheast1.57
Korea Centralkoreacentral1.58
Southeast Asiasoutheastasia1.58
West Europewesteurope1.58
Australia Centralaustraliacentral1.6
Australia Central2australiacentral21.6
Australia Eastaustraliaeast1.6
West Indiawestindia1.61
East Asiaeastasia1.67
South Africa Northsouthafricanorth1.68
Japan Westjapanwest1.71
Norway Eastnorwayeast1.72
Japan Eastjapaneast1.73
South Indiasouthindia1.78
Switzerland Northswitzerlandnorth1.82
UAE Centraluaecentral1.86
France Southfrancesouth1.93
Germany Northgermanynorth1.98
Brazil Southbrazilsouth2.03
South Africa Westsouthafricawest2.18
Norway Westnorwaywest2.24
Switzerland Westswitzerlandwest2.24
Brazil Southeastbrazilsoutheast2.64